How to create a new mail account in Outlook Express


This is a tutorial on how to set up a new default mail in Outlook Express, the mail package that comes with Internet Explorer 4.0 and newer.


Before completing this task you will need to know the following.
Your email address Your POP3 Server Your SMTP Server Your Account Name and Password
1. Open up Outlook Express by double clicking on it’s icon on the desktop.
  If this icon isn’t present click on the Start button, then Programs, and then an Outlook Express icon should be present in that menu.
2. Now that Outlook Express is open click on Tools, then select Accounts.
3. Make sure the Mail tab is selected.
4. Click on Add and select Mail.
5. A new window should pop up, type your name in the box provided and click next.
6. Type in your e-mail address and click Next.
7. Now it should be asking for your POP3 and SMTP address, enter the mail server information into both boxes and click Next.
8. Now it asks for your pop account and password, type both of these in and make sure “secure password authentication” is not checked, then hit Next.
9. Now you will see a congratulations screen. All that is left to do is click the Finish button.
Now you are ready to use your mail.